Dental Tune Centre (DTC)

Dental Tune Centre (DTC) is a training centre dedicated to improving the clinical skills of dental practitioners through specialist courses

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About Us

DTC opened its doors to the first implant students on 3rd Feb 2017. Since then we have offered dental implantology training to 12 dentists who are already practicing their new skills with enthusiasm. Besides, we have offered short courses and talks in different aspects of dentistry including hands on courses in post and core, endodontics, orthodontics, dental radiology etc. We have partnered with several industry players to make this happen at an affordable cost to the dentists.

Our speakers and trainers come from both the local and international arena ensuring we bench mark our programs and avoid inbreeding.

Over 100 participants have trained through since the first course was started. As a CPD accredited institution by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, DTC gives appropriate CPD points to the participants so as to meet their qualification to be retained to practice. We are proud to be playing our role of improving oral healthcare through high quality dental education.

Future Plans

We have lined up a series of courses to cover the fields of endodontics at different levels, crown and bridge, post and core, orthodontics, sedations, etc. It is very exciting to know that these opportunities are now available locally. It helps most clinicians save on time, revenue lost when they travel abroad for the same courses. DTC also offers excellent post training support so you can build confidence in putting to practice what you learnt.

Ongoing Events

Orthodontics Training & coaching Program

Program Length: 12 months - 10 Modules (January through December)
Monthly theory, clinical & mentoring and coaching session with course coordinator.

Registration fee: 5,000/- non-refundable (valid for 4 months only). Bring your patients interested in treatment to course. Treatment fee is inclusive in course fee.
Tuition: for tuition fee details including payment plans, click here to submit your questions.
Certificate: CPD points and Certificate will be given
Material Cost: Not included
Venue: Dental tune Centre
Course syllabus: Provided on request

  • The goal of this program is to provide training in all phases of orthodontics, beyond the scope of undergraduate dental education.
  • Among the areas of emphasis will be on diagnosis and treatment planning, understanding nature of malocclusion and biomechanics use in treatment.
  • Learn various clinical skills like, cephalometric tracing and analysis, cast analysis, dental photography, banding and bonding and placing Mini implants.

Requirements for Admission
Candidates must have a BDS degree or its equivalent and practice license and malpractice Inssurance.

Contact Us
Interested students can book program overview meeting with Course Coordinator -

Dr Saima Hirji
BDS, MSc Orthodontics


Director Dental Tune Centre

Dental implantology – Level 1

Dates: 8th Feb 2019 to 5th April 2019
every Friday starting from 5pm to 8pm. Snacks provided.

Past Events

Dental implantology – Level 1

Dates: 10th May 2019 to 5th July 2019
every Friday starting from 5pm to 8pm. Snacks provided.
Closing date for application is 30th April 2019

Registration fee: 5,000/- non-refundable (valid for 4 months only)
Tuition: for tuition fee details including payment plans, contact the director via email

Dental implantology – Level 1

Dates: 12th Jan 2018 to 9th March 2018
every Friday starting from 5pm to 8pm. Snacks provided.
Applications are now open for 5 people only.

Dental implantology – Level 1

Dates: 8th Sept 2017 to 3rd Nov 2017
every Friday starting from 5pm to 8pm.
Snacks provided.

Registration fee: 5,000/- non-refundable
Tuition: 500,000/- (call Director, Dr T K Mulli to explore the provision of a payment plan)

Soft Tissue Management - Crown Lengthening & Gingival Grafts

Dates: 08th Dec 2017; 9am - 6 pm
Snacks will be provided at 1pm

Book now: 50,000/-
Payments to be made to:
Dental Tune Centre, KCB Bank Prestige Branch, Acc No.1212773748. You can use paybill 522522 to send directly to the account via MPESA


"I find myself grateful for DTC everyday not only for the opportunity to learn new things but more for renewing confidence in myself and my skills as a dentist. Also for creating an avenue for interaction with like-minded peers and potential mentors. Thank you."

Dr. Sheilla

"Am a very happy student. This is a very great opportunity."

Dr. Fidelis Mbaka

"Wow this is so exciting. Finally, a very comprehensive implant course by very competent implantologists right here in Kenya!"

Dr. Pauline Mugure

"Amazing Stuff."

Dr. Hudson Kamagy 


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